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Why Invest in Crew
A natural gas company offering a unique combination of value & growth
Opportunity to gain exposure to growing Montney development
Significant growth potential, improving netbacks and robust liquidity profile
Committed and experienced team with a history of value creation
Strong ESG commitment to build a sustainable business
Shareholder and bondholder alignment with responsible risk management
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Corporate Presentation

January 2024

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Q3 2023 Financial Report

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Q4 2023 Results Release

March 7th, 2024 (after market)

NOTE: The above dates have been tentatively assigned as proposed dates for release and may be subject to change.

Analyst Coverage

The firms and analysts listed below follow Crew Energy Inc. and provide research coverage. Crew does not distribute analyst research reports. Please contact the firm directly if you require further information. Any opinions, estimates or forecasts regarding performance made by these analysts are theirs alone and do not represent opinions, forecasts or predictions of Crew Energy or its management.

ATB Capital Markets Patrick O’Rourke (403) 539-8615
BMO Capital Markets Analyst Departure Pending
Canaccord Genuity Mike Mueller (403) 691-7808
Cormark Securities Inc. Garett Ursu (403) 750-7221
Desjardins Capital Markets Chris MacCulloch (403) 532-6617
National Bank Financial Dan Payne (403) 290-5441
Peters & Co. Limited Dan Grager (403) 261-2243
Raymond James Jeremy McCrea (403) 509-0518
RBC Capital Markets Michael Harvey (403) 299-6998
Scotia Capital Cameron Bean (403) 218-6786
Stifel FirstEnergy Michael Dunn (403) 262-0643
TD Securities Aaron Bilkoski (403) 299-3294
Velocity Trade Mark Heim (403) 561-4674

Our Hedging Strategy

As part of the Company’s ongoing risk management program, Crew enters into derivative and physical hedging contracts.  Crew’s risk management program incorporates the use of puts, costless collars, swaps and fixed price contracts to limit exposure to fluctuations in commodity prices, interest rates and foreign exchange rates while allowing for participation in commodity price increases. The Company’s financial derivative trading activities are conducted pursuant to the Company’s Risk Management Policy approved by the Board of Directors.

There are key benefits to implementing a disciplined and consistent risk management strategy:

  • Hedging can reduce volatility of funds flow from operations and underpin the capital expenditure program
  • Establishing a floor or fixed price for commodities can impart an enhanced degree of predictability in the funds flow, which contributes to greater accuracy in growth planning

Hedges as at November 8, 2023

  • ~46,667 GJ/d of natural gas at C$4.40/GJ for the remainder of 2023, or C$5.37/mcf using Crew’s higher heat content factor;
  • 1,750 bbls/d of condensate at an average price of C$102.58/bbl for the remainder of 2023; and
  • 1,000 bbls/d of WTI at an average price of C$104.36/bbl for Q4/23.
  • 2,500 GJ/d of natural gas at C$2.76/GJ or C$3.37/mcf using Crew’s heat factor;
  • 2,000 bbls/d of condensate at an average price of C$104.04/bbl for 1st half 2024;
  • 1,750 bbls/d of condensate at an average price of C$104.01/bbl for 2nd half 2024;
  • 1,000 bbls/d of WTI at C$106.09/bbl for Q1 2024;
  • 500 bbls/d of WTI at C$112.00/bbl for Q2 2024; and
  • 250 bbls/d of WTI at C$110.50/bbl for 2nd half 2024.
  • Targeting 40% to 50% hedged on projected natural gas production
  • Condensate hedge market is illiquid requiring a short term hedging strategy that is executed in 6-month increments

Tax Forms

Following is a link to the US IRS Form 8937, Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities, which pertains to issuers that engage in organizational actions affecting the basis of a specified security to provide certain information to the IRS.