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A Natural Gas Company Driving Positive Change through Ingenuity, Teamwork and Excellence.

At Crew Energy, we are a diverse team working together to achieve a common goal: to increase value for stakeholders by successfully balancing people, the planet and profitability.

Our “out-of-the-box” thinking has enabled individuals across Crew to drive positive change from the boardroom to our operating areas.  We are proud to be a part of achieving Canada’s progressive energy goals.  Crew continuously strives to be a corporate leader generating positive returns for our stakeholders while respecting and honoring environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) principles.


Our Entrepreneurial Drive & Ingenuity

Embracing innovation, creativity and thinking outside the box.


Our People, Our Crew and Our Relationships

Creating meaningful and authentic relationships built on mutual trust and respect. Ensuring the health, safety, well-being, and engagement of our people


Ethical Governance

Adhering to the highest standard of excellence that drives shareholder value.

We are focused on executing our strategy by pursuing the following core principles

Sustainability and Growth

  • Longer term plan to responsibly increase pace of development in our world-class Montney resource, generating value from our assets’ strategic location, zone optionality, and commodity diversity
  • Focus on strategic infrastructure investments, positioning Crew to take advantage of what is expected to be an improved supply and demand environment for natural gas as North American LNG export growth accelerates
  • Add reserves at low cost, and continue track record of generating strong capital efficiencies

Prioritizing Innovation

  • Adopt new and evolving technologies to increase individual well production
  • Enhance overall rates of return while reducing costs
  • Remain nimble to ensure resilience through all commodity and operational cycles

Risk Management and Financial Sustainability

  • Maintain conservative balance sheet and robust liquidity profile
  • Undertake responsible, regular hedging program to mitigate downside
  • Build a sustainable business through responsible development and participating in the energy transition

Unwavering ESG Commitment

  • Health & safety is a top priority along with being a welcome member of any community where Crew is active
  • Responsible resource development, meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements and a constant pursuit of excellence
  • Management aligned with shareholders with oversight from a strong committed board with sound corporate governance practices